Banks, Insurance Agencies, and Credit Unions, all have one thing in common - the need to handle huge volumes of data to process new loans, new insurance policy applications, and existing policy renewals. These processes result in thousands of manual transactions such as data entry, moving data from one system to another, downloading forms and PDFs, sending emails to clients — the list is never ending.

All these transactions though, have 4 common characteristics:

  1. Manual
  2. Repetitive
  3. Stable
  4. High-volume

This makes these transactions excellent targets for automation using software bot technology called Robotic Process Automation, which we look forward to unpacking for you during this Virtual Executive Lunch Seminar.

What we will cover:

  • What RPA is and what it can do for your business
  • How to identify “low hanging fruit” targets for automation
  • A case study analysis by Scott Hester, VP & Director of IT at Texas Security Bank:
    • Texas Security Bank’s (TSB) First Steps with RPA
    • PPP Loan Processing Results Achieved
    • How TSB identifies RPA target processes
    • Number of RPA bots working today and planned for the future
    • Overall impact on the bank and its employees
  • Q & A

What you will learn:

  • How to eliminate delays and errors of manual keystroke data entry
  • How to increase data quality and eliminate reporting errors
  • How to achieve ROI in six months or less
  • Automate email correspondence to your clients
  • Automate data entry and document comparisons
  • Handle huge volumes of transactions and data
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